Friday, September 24, 2010

Building A Game Part 1: Unit Fluff

Well, since I am so much better at fluff text than actual game mechanics, this seems like a good place to start, and fill in the gaps as I go.

Spartan II

In a secret program instigated by Dr. Catherine Halsey, abducted children underwent a rigorous training program, followed by extensive and risky bio, cyber, and skeletal augmentation. Those that survived, became the Spartan IIs. Originally intended to be the perfect covert operatives against the 'Independence' or rebel movement in the colonies, the Spartan II supersoldiers were the pinnacle of human possibility. Impossibly fast, strong, and with a lifetime of practical experience.

With the coming of the alien Covenant, the Spartans became humanity's best hope for survival, as the technological superiority of the Covenant Armada destroyed world after world.

Equipped with Mjolnir mk V & VI power armor, the very best of human technology retrofitted with reverse engineered Covenant energy shield technology, the Spartan II now had the power and protection of a main battle tank. Able to wield any of the UNSCs standard or limited issue weapons systems, the mighty Spartan IIs are the finest infantry available to the defenders of Humanity.

Spartan III

Undoubtedly, the Spartan II program was a success, with the supersoldiers providing most of the UNSC's early victories against the juggernaut of the Covenant. Unfortunately, the high cost of training, augmenting, and equipping a Spartan II was as high as building a modern Battlecruiser. Some in the Office of Naval Intelligence, years after the 'public debut' of the existence of the Spartan II program, decided that more Spartans would be needed. Lots of them.

The Spartan III program, more secretive even than its predecessor, took advantage of technological refinements unavailable to Halsey's earlier work, to 'mass produce' less screened candidates. Not equipped to the same standards as Spartan IIs, the new generation were every bit their equal in terms of training and augmentation.

As ONI viewed these 'non-heroic' Spartan IIIs as more expendable than the Public Face Spartan IIs, whole classes of IIIs were thrown in massive suicide missions against otherwise untouchable Covenant high value targets. Despite high losses to each graduating class, these missions were largely considered highly profitable and successful.

Spartan IIIs were usually issued the less augmented and unshielded SPI armor, which did have the benefit of some stealth capability. Later in the war, circa the Fall of Reach, many Spartan IIIs were refitted with Mjolnir mk V armor.
Well, that seems like a pretty good start. Let me know what you all think.

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