Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ghoulish Ghouls Painted Ghoulishly.

Here are the Kings of War Ghouls basecoated. Sorry for the crummy pic, but because the paint was white with a white background my camera didn't know what to do with the color setting.

I am trying something new here to make the colors more vibrant (or putrid, depending on how you look at it), so I gave them a light base coat, rather than the dark color I usually use.

I am starting to warm up to these models. I was lukewarm at first, but I am starting to see the potential here. One problem that remains, however, is that they still seem a little small to scale with the rest of my collection. Now, those are all 40k, so no sweat, but I worry about if the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Figures will make them stand out as well. Now, skeletons are supposed to be skinny and diminished, and the ghouls are all hunched, so maybe it is just a perception thing. Anyone know about this one way or the other? Do these fit in scale with GW models?

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