Sunday, September 5, 2010

It Never Fails

I get a three day weekend and get a cold. Seriously!

I was at the Scottish Games too long yesterday, it was really hot, and I was carrying my son the whole time. All of the above factors contributed to my immune system failing me. I any case, I was too out of it to really get much work done on my few up in the air projects. I have a Carnivean and 12 Khorne Berzerkers ready for base coating, and 12 Tau almost there, but couldn't bring myself to do it.

I logged onto the SO:K boards, but I don't know enough to really help much in the actual rules dept there, so I mostly post my play testing results for someone else to see if anything needs to be fixed. I'm really looking forward to playing my 'Zerkers, but since my daughter has a sleepover, I've got no joy there.

What I did do was play a game of solitaire Space Hulk, which is always seriously fun. I have the Space Hulk Bible, which has the old rules for using Harlequins, which is a blast. Death Jesters are a hoot. Troupes with two shuriken pistols aren't too bad, come right down to it. Still, in Solitaire, since I know all of my own moves, the 'Stealers tend to win, which happened again this time. Oh well, If the bad guys didn't win from time to time, how would victory even be noteworthy, n'est-ce pas?


Big Jim said...

Sorry, dude, I am swamped with last minute edits on the Beta.

I promise to look at it tomorrow.


CounterFett said...

Hey, don't sweat it man, I use that form that someone put up, and I didn't even do that yet. I am like 2 battles behind because I played against my little girl yesterday twice, but was sick all day and didn't post.