Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Like Chicken Soup, For the Geek's Soul

Well, still recuperating from that nasty cold I have had all weekend, so no progress on the Ironhand War-band, Jormungand Brood, or As Yet Unnamed Stormtrooper Detachment. What I did do, was play some more Solitaire Space Hulk. I never realized how unnecessary the Genestealer player was in this transaction.

This time around, after the debacle yesterday with my Harlequins, I decided to whip out the Dire Avengers and take advantage of the Aspect Warrior Rules in the Space Hulk Bible. This time, the heroic Space Elves prevailed! Also, I learned a few things:
  1. Dire Avengers are way more BA in Space Hulk than in mainstream 40K. Between mean Shuriken catapults, Shuriken Storm being a worthwhile tactic, and Exarch Bright Lance craziness, they are maybe the best choice in the game.
  2. I finally figured out what 'Mind War, ftw!' means. Astonishingly, I just never linked the two. In my defense, I only play Eldar in Space Hulk. Yes, really, the only reason I have any Eldar is for using them in Space Hulk.
  3. Bright Lance is great. Why do Eldar Melta have an ammo count in SH, but Bright Lance does not? I don't know, and I don't care. As long as my DA exarch can run and gun with this bad mama jama, Space. Is. Safe.
  4. I need to make more background for my Space Hulk Games. I have a pretty nice modular setup from the Halo Interactive board game, but I don't have any story or tasks other than 'kill the stealers and get out,' type deals. I need to find the mission books, or create more background info for myself. I did invent the name "Dubious Honor" for my Space Hulk when I was checking out at WalMart today. Not sure where it came from, but it will do as a working title. Giving my toys a reason for doing the things they do is maybe the most important part of the experience for me.
Well, that's it for now, folks. Thanks for reading. I apologize for no pictures, when I play solitaire, obviously I am playing both sides, so I don't have the "Other Guy Turn" downtime to remind myself to take pics. I am trying to overcome this personality defect, but it's a hard road. I will get more up soon. Plus, my daughter is scheduled to be back, so I will be playing more 2 player games.


Steel_Templar said...

If you find a way to play on net, invite me i m always looking for new games , and that space hul looks interesanting

CounterFett said...

I think there is a way to play online called sulk (?) but if you don't have little toys, er, I mean carefully crafted model soldiers, it's just isn't as fun, to me.