Sunday, September 12, 2010

I've Created A Monster! The Jormungand Brood Carnivean

Have you ever painted a model that came out perfectly? Not, in the sense of absolute perfection, where it could not have been painted by mortal hands, but rather it came out just the way you wanted, everything in it's place, to the absolute pinnacle of your ability. The paint acted the way you wanted, the drybrushing highlighted just the right areas you wanted, your layering came out with the perfect effects and shades you were looking for? Here is mine. Really, how often do you see me post multiple pictures that have not been resized? I base painted him with several coats of 'Fusion for plastics' Flat brown, a paint I have had great success with of late. Then I drybrushed the whole model with Testors enamel flat tan. Then came the carapace and spine sections, liberally coated with Testors gloss purple metallic. The last section I did was the toothy maw, which I drybrushed with a fairly heavy dose of flat light gray, then coated the gums with dark red metal flake. I did it in that order because I wanted a pinker effect for the gums than I got for my Bloodletters a few months back. If you follow the link you will see just how far my painting has come since then. Incredible.


Papa JJ said...

I'm glad he turned out so well and congratulations on having such a positive painting experience. That really is quite an impressive monster and the effects you achieved from using the metallic and enamel paints is very cool. Such an interesting way to go with the Legion, I would have never thought to try something like this but I'm eager to see more in this color scheme. Great work!

CounterFett said...

Thanks! I mostly did it just because everyone I have seen use Everblight does white and black like on the 'studio' models. The scheme does look nice, but seems pretty unforgiving.

So, in the interest of being different, and having something I can actually paint, I went with this.

Gotthammer said...

Nicely done, the metallics turned out very nicely and the colour choice is cool - distinctive, yet kinda creepy like some big bug from Aliens.