Friday, September 17, 2010

Kings Of War Soultaker Detachment! And Last Chance to Vote!

Well, here it is...
This is 20 Revenants (the KoW equivalent of Grave Guard, I think) plus 10 Ghouls (the KoW equivalent of, duh, Ghouls). At the time I bought this from Miniature Market it was running $26. That is about the same price as just the 10 ghouls from Games Workshop, so it is difficult not to feel like you are coming out quite a bit ahead of the game this way. Once Mantic comes out with its Zombie sprues, my Vampire Counts (As) Army will be good to go.
Holy Crap! That's a lot of Sprues! Not for the first time, I think to myself "Self, what are we getting ourselves into?"

In a totally unrelated note, if you have not voted in the Name the Chaos Warband Poll, this is your last chance, it is about to end, and history will march on with or without your say!

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