Saturday, September 18, 2010

Obyect 270: The Monster From My Dreams

Well, it has been quite a while since I posted anything here not strictly miniature wargaming related, and I thought I would take a little tangent from an old forgotten segment I used to do about obscure armor.

Y'know. Tanks.

Obyect 279 is a Soviet superheavy design that was intended to rule the post nuclear wasteland and be able to engage multiple western tanks and come out on top. It had a number of teething problems, but was eventually abandoned at the end of the 1950s without being entered in to service due to doctrinal changes. The Soviets had moved away from the 'we need the biggest stick' philosophy (at least where tanks were concerned), and had moved to what is arguably their biggest strength, mass production of otherwise mediocre fighting machines.
Coincidentally, Obyect 279, in addition to being a cool sci-fi looking tank, also has the strange distinction of having appeared in more of my nightmares than any other single entity. More even than scary monsters or Chaos Space Marines! I mean really, tell me that thing doesn't look like an OGRE mk1! Ok, so as it turns out, even this post is miniature related.

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Papa JJ said...

What?!?! That is one seriously scary tank! I've never seen or heard of that beast before but holy cow that thing is one crazy machine. Thank you for the history lesson in military oddities! (Now to see if I can track down any of my old OGRE stuff....)