Saturday, September 11, 2010

Poll: Name The Berzerker Warband!

Well, I have been calling my project Khorne Army "The Ironfist Warband" after Harkan Ironfist, the World Eater quoted in the Codex: Chaos Space Marines, because he is the only character involved with any persona so far. It is coming time, however, that I get on the ball and come up with a real Name and Direction for my homebrew warband. To that end, I was on the Heresy-Online site and realized they had a Chaos Space Marine Chapter Name Generator. I clicked it a few times, and initially was not impressed with my results. They did get better however, and I jotted down a few of those with promise, that seemed to match the general direction I was going with this band so far. They are, in no particular order:
  1. Agile Barons. I like this, it has a good mix of oppressive menace, and implication of skillful violence.
  2. Swords of the Eye. Yeah, we're from the Eye of Terror, and we're gonna cut you. Also, sort of an implication they are going to stick a sword in your eye.
  3. Screaming Revenants. Not your everyday, quiet, spooky kind of revenant. Something more direct.
  4. Polar Swords. Sort of goes with the color motif, and for the sword part, see option #2
  5. Azure Barbarians. This might be a bit 'spot on' if you know what I mean.
  6. Crypt Blades. This ties them in nicely with using my ghouls as summoned lesser daemons. They see dead people. And use them as a troops choice.
  7. Dread Vipers. This sounds like a BattleTech Clan name. I like it because they sound scary and treacherous. Chaos is scary and treacherous.


Captain Kellen said...

You should name them the...

Dread Barons

sonsoftaurus said...

Bloody Hands
Bloodied Hands
Harkon's Red Hands
Skull Crushers
Harkon's Reavers
Warp Axes
Warp Eaters
Ironfist Legion
Harkon's Fists
Harkon's Bluebloods

CounterFett said...

See, Sonsoftaurus, we already know you are better at this background stuff than me, lol.

This is why I have to resort to name generators and polls. I am surprised that no one voted for crypt blades yet.

I think Harkon's Reaversis really good. I might use that for when I just use the Berzerkers in SO:K, Kill Team, or Space Hulk, and whatever the result of the poll is for the "Army at Large" when I play a 40k game as Chaos.