Friday, September 10, 2010

Project List & A Bid On A House!

Well, we made another bid on a house in Tracy.

Those of you who are homeowners know good and well that making an offer, in itself, means literally, nothing. However, in case they take it, I have to be very cheap, and not spend ANY money, so we can save up the down payment. I have spent (not a lot) some money lately on miniatures for my wargaming. This will have to end, for the time being. Now, the good news is that I have enough of a backlog of projects to get done, that the posting for this blog will continue at it's regular clip.

Projects in Progress:
  1. Tau to Stormtroopers. Yeah. I still need to cement on their antennae and Pauldrons, paint, varnish, and seal them. I am off and on with inspiration with these guys, so even though I have been working on this longest, they might finish last. All cementing finished! Ready For Paint!
  2. The Jormungand Carnivean. I am all finished with the Shredders & Kerrigan, at least to the limits of my painting skill. The Carnivean, however, is finished, the cement is cured, and he is ready for basecoating. This I will probably work on this weekend. First two coats applied!
  3. Khorne Bezerkers! These guys are not only ready for paint, I am excited about finishing them. I just need to figure out how I want to paint them. I was originally thinking of all corroded aluminum with brass highlights, but now I am thinking of maybe verdigris-ed up gold or brass with black highlights? Started!
  4. The Army of the Undead. The vampire in my collection is already (poorly) painted. It was a prepainted plastic I bought a long time ago, before I ever painted a mini. I might repaint her at some point, or replace her with a Mordheim mini. The revenants and ghouls, though are unassembled and unpainted, and will need some love.

Anticipate more battle reports from Special Operation: Killzone and Space Hulk in there, as well.


Loquacious said...

Best wishes on the house!

sonsoftaurus said...

Good luck with the house!

Reaper also makes a bunch of figs that could make good vamps, like their drow type figs.

CounterFett said...

Thanks guys! I really hope we get this one. Every time we have missed out (Like 5 offers now) we keep thinking that something better will happen, as usually does for us. This looks like the one we were waiting for.

Thanks for reminding me about Reaper. I really try to stay away from GW metals. Well, GW plastics too, for that matter. Harder to do in 40k, but easier in fantasy, I'm finding.