Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Projects List, The Update!

Well, now that my bi-weekly rant about the release schedule (or lack thereof) for games that I am interested in is over, how about an update on the projects I have been working on.
My Tau Fire Warriors, which will be 'counts as' Inquisition Stormtroopers are basecoated, and I went and did four test figures for the color scheme I will be using. Obviously they are not finished, as I have not painted the Veteran's face, and they are all in need of dipping, but this is a pretty good snapshot of how they are going to look. Let me know what you think.
Harkan's Reavers, the Berzerker contingent of my as yet unnamed Chaos Warband. This is post dip, pretty much final unless I find any damage, or some such. I do still need to do something with the bases, but that's pretty simple.

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