Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reach For Some Halo

Well, folks, been through the Halo: Reach campaign and it is good. Perhaps not surprisingly, Reach is a well constucted, detailed game with very few play problems. It has nice graphics, controls and story.

Despite how obvious this should seem to anyone who has played any of the Halo games, it bears repeating due to some comments I have seen online: Reach is a prequel. It takes place immediately prior to Halo: Combat Evolved, the first title in the franchise. I have heard a bit of rumblings about Bungie not making any more Halo games, this being the last in the setting, etc., etc. Well, I think that they will likely stop making them when they stop making money. It's possible they will move onto something else, I suppose, but that is like saying that George Lucas will stop selling Star Wars.

Without getting too much into it (and hopefully avoiding spoilers) Reach follows the exploits of a team of Spartan Supersoldiers during the unfolding Battle of Reach, and their actions to save the population of the doomed world. The tagline for the game was that before the game began, you knew how it was going to end, and, true to their word, the first image in the opening cutscene is the protagonist Noble Six's bullet riddled helmet laying on the ground.

What follows is roughly 330 minutes of gameplay and cutscenes, depending on the difficulty level you play and how frequently you die. You only play as Noble Six, not as any of the other members of Noble Team. Bummer. After playing as other characters in ODST, I sort of grew to enjoy the change of pace rather than the inflexibility of the first three Halo Games (as awesome as Master Chief is, it's nice to play other characters). Plus, who doesn't want to play as Emile or Jorge.

It's a fun game, and seems to have been better recieved by gamers than ODST, which is a good thing, as the franchise needed the boost. I think it was a fun game, and worth trying out for FPS fans as well as Halo Franchise Loyalists.


Steel_Templar said...

i see it was a good game i will try to play it soon :), then i will check if we can amtch up :3

Gyro said...

I pick it up Friday, plan on playing all weekend. I got suckered into the pre-order, so I'll get the fancy pants torso armor and helmet.

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

I have been playing it from Day 1 and I must say that it left me with bittersweet reactions. It is surely a great game, the story is developing very nice giving more depth to the Halo Universe BUT I cannot say the same for the AI of your team members which is TERRIBLE! Have you tried to be the gunner of the Warthog and let some NPC drive? You will get stuck in the first rock you will find... it is something really frustrating since its a game BASED on squad tactics. Dunno but this bug really puts me off so far... back to Starcraft 2 for me, at least for now.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, they wander off and get stuck in corners. Makes me yearn for useful teammates like in Republic Commando.

They integrated the 'fireteam' feature, a neat idea, but largely useless as the marines cannot survive even standing in the same room as a spartan. Spartans, as we all know, are made from the gene-seed extracted from Chuck Norris.