Thursday, September 2, 2010

Salamander, A Book Review

Darn, why didn't that cover come out around here. This is the cover I found...Which, while awesome enough to convice me to buy it, is still less cool than the top one.

This is the first of an apparent trilogy, which follows the exploits of Da'kir, a Salamander Brother -Sergeant, on his adventures in the grim dark 41st millenium. This book has a very steep learning curve, and felt like I missed a book one or prequel or something. The character names are very complex, and the unit designations, while keeping in the spirit of the Fire Elemental character of the chapter, were not very diverse. For Instance, keeping the Inferno Guard and the Firedrakes separate in my mind was very difficult, even though they are very different units, just because there is no real distinction between the names.

Also in the book are the Dragon Warriors, a renegade marine chapter that is the dark opposite of the noble Salamanders. The book does not detail the exact relationship between the two, and apparently depends on the reader already knowing the backstory there. Other than that, it is a nice counterpoint to the heroic Space Marines.

Another fun Chapter Appearance are the Marines Malevolent, a 'poor cousin' chapter that use beat up and out of date equipment, which have a hit or miss relationship with the Salamanders, but are interesting in their own right.

Nevertheless it was a very good read. My main beef was a bit of Deus Ex Machina at the end, but, as I mention in nearly every post about sci-fi books, that is so common it is ridiculous.

This is the first book I have read by Nick Kyme, and I look forward to more from him, as this was a good book, and very in depth into the style and manner of the Salamanders Chapter.

Give it a shot!

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