Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat Game...Halo Style?

Well, with Halo Reach here at last, and Starcraft II here as well, it seems natural that someone will do a comparison between the two. It won't be me however.

While I do love a good video game, my first love has always been miniature or pen and paper games. There is already an excellent, free, miniature wargame out for those who wish to play the Starcraft Universe in a tabletop manner, available here. Well, what about those guys like me who want to play out adventures in the Halo Universe? Well, there is Halo ActionClix, which seems to do a pretty good job of just that.

Alternatively, for those of us who have a bunch of the excellent HaloBlox mini-figures, could a feasible system be devised from the bones of Neuicon's STMC rules? I am thinking about embarking on an attempt to find out. I am inspired, of course by Neuicon's Starcraft game, and by BigJim's Special Operations: Killzone Rules and Soul Reapers FanDex. I have done a lot of converting and homebrewing on my own in the past, but nothing that I have ever shared with the community. It has always been stuff that I kept to myself, or maybe played with carefully vetted gaming group members.

Well no more! This time I intend to put something together, and to cease being a leech on the gaming community and giving something back!

Let me know what you all think. Is this a good idea? Bad? Don't care? If there is no interest in this, I might just be lazy and use Neuicon's game with very minor stat changes to the units.


b.smoove said...

I'll confess that I've never played either video game, but I believe sincerely in homebrew rulesets.

Although I'd be in the dark with regard to fluff, I'd love to see what you produce in terms of game mechanics.

Looking forward to it.

Steel_Templar said...

tell meif i get the idea...
you want to create your own SC or Halo, game with miniatures :)?:

if that is, i wishyou good luck, and tell me if you need any help, i will love to participate in it.