Wednesday, September 29, 2010

T-51b and Mark V Heresy Armor. Seperated At Birth?

Much thanks to reader Sorrowshard for bringing this to my attention.

He mentioned that the Brotherhood of Steel armor reminded him of Mk V Heresy armor from Warhammer 40k. So I skipped my merry way over to the Forgeworld site, and sure enough, the two look pretty darn similar.

If one were so inclined, I think a good combination to make BoS Armor might be to take the MkV head, and add it to EM-4s Space Rangers body and weapons, since the Space Rangers have a pretty good approximation of the T-51b's slantey shoulder pads. I had reviewed them as a possibility for making cheap Terran Marines when I was on my whole "Make a 40K army for each Starcraft faction" kick. That project pretty much has sputtered out, but I did complete the Zerg models (really Legion of Everblight) that I had on hand.

Anyway, this set about Fallout 3 seems to have made a good impression and generated a bit of interest and commentary, so we will see where it takes us in the next few days of wacky weird adventure.

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