Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wish I Had One Watching My Neighborhood

A Brotherhood Of Steel Paladin in Power Armor watching over the DC Wasteland ruins. I love the armor from Fallout. I got into the game without even knowing how cool it was all the way back when my friend Kyle had the very first demo of the original Fallout (1). I never got Fallout 3 because I do not have an XBox, and the Computer Version exceeded my old PCs requirements. 

Whatever, it's on now! The very best thing about the T-51b armor that the Paladin is wearing in the above shot is that to me it looks like someone from the 1950s actually tried to make stormtrooper armor. The laser rifle is pretty cool too, if you hit the closeup to look at it.

Anyhow, just figured since I was going through this now, I would talk about it a little, since I rarely talk about any armor other than those in Warhammer 40k or Halo.


Sorrowshard said...

They are indeed very cool , they do remind me of the Heresy armour though, think its the shape of the helmet and the overall klunkieness.

Makes me wonder how various power armoured super soldiers from games would compare to spaz marines ?

master chief ? Starcraft ?

CounterFett said...

The consensus from GW fans is that Spaz Marines would Pwn everything else evah!

It really depends. Makes for good debate, but you can pretty much bet that the debate will go in favor of whichever brand's fanboy populates said forum. Halo fans say Spartans, GW say SM.

I am confident that both would mop the floor with Brotherhood of Steel. Though I think the Brotherhood might hold it's own against Terran Marines from Starcraft. The capabilities seem similar.

Loquacious said...

I don't think I ever realized he was a Paladin. He's always too busy killing things when my son plays for me to allocate a type to him.

CounterFett said...

Well, I always say Paladin, that's actually only one of the ranks, he might also be a knight.

But in Fallout Tactics, which is the game where I picked up most of my Brotherhood Lingo, only Paladins and higher got to wear Power Armor.

I guess once you learn nomenclature, it sticks around!