Saturday, October 30, 2010

ActionClix Halo Reach Warthog Spotted At Target!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!

Turns out that the new Halo Reach wave of ActionClix is going to be available in stores near me, contrary to my original impression. I came across the Warthog in the toy section, and then spent the rest of my visit, while the wife was getting the stuff we actually needed, looking for where the rest of their section was. It was at the front, by the register, at their little collectible card game section. Which makes sense really. In any case, all they had was the warthog, which at their price of $20 was not really a good deal, so I held off. If I find some of the other sets I might change my mind. The Noble Team pack in particular looks cool.

The best thing about this is that it gave me a good chance to look at these for size comparisons. I have seem ActionClix in person before, of course, but that was in like 2008, at the end of when Target was carrying the wave that came out to promote Halo 3. They scale nicely against Warhammer 40k minis, which is what I had thought. They are about the same height as  Space Marines, though a bit thinner. They are taller than Imperial Guard. So, all is as it should be.

Now who thinks that Warthog would make a great 'counts as' Razorback? Or, maybe an attack bike?


Loquacious said...

You have a problem =p

I like the attack bike, myself.

CounterFett said...

Yeah, I think it works better as an attack bike. It's the right size and number of guys. I guess it's just wishful thinking. I really want something to count as Razorbacks :)