Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Army List I Am Thinking About

Good morning again folks! I have been seeing a lot of great army list posts lately that have interested me, and I think one that grabbed me and made me want to actually do something hobby related again was this one from Fritz...

HQ: Shadow Captain Shrike

Elite: 10 Terminators TH/SS

Elite: 5 Terminators TH/SS

Elite: 5 Terminators TH/SS

Troops: 3 X 5 Scouts W/ PF

Troops: 2 X 5 Scouts W/ PF & Camo Cloaks

Fast: Storm W/ Multi-Melta

Fast: Storm W/ Multi-Melta

Fast: Storm W/ Multi-Melta

I have always liked scout themed lists, and this goes along nicely with something else that I am working on. I think I will try out a downscaled version of this, since there is no way I will get that many models in anything like a playable time frame. It is designed for first turn assault, which is a seriously frightening concept. Especially when you think about the fact that he includes instructions on how to pull said concept off.

Sorry if the picture above makes no sense, I was trying to use a Halo 3 ODST cut scene of The Rookie investigating one of the clues curiously, and then thinking about it, like he does for every cut scene, but no one seems to have taken a screen cap of it. Apparently I am the only one who really loved that game. Anyway, this is where you discover the drone fighter remains that trigger the first Flashback of Dutch. Fun times.


sonsoftaurus said...

I think it could be fun to play sometimes, but might be frustrating once opponents handle its early tricks. A screen can keep those first turn scout charges from being dangerous, and once the AV10 speeders are down, the army's shooting is pretty nonexistent. Fleeting hammernators are tough, but don't score and can be avoided for a good portion of the game.

CounterFett said...

No doubt, it's a gimmick list, and the one thing that is consistent about gimmick lists is that they perform inconsistently. There are very good chances this would get smashed into tiny pieces. It might also work.

Mostly, it would be fun to model and paint.

The only reason I'm looking at it is for a change of pace, which is what it is perfect for.