Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Building A Game Part III: Antagonists

Well, as much as we might want our universe to be full of friendly helpful UNSC Humans who get along all of the time, we know that cannot be the case. By the 26th century, Humanity had pushed far in the exploration of the Galaxy, and the Galaxy starts pushing back. A Theocratic Confederation of alien species known as the Covenant begin a genocidal campaign to erase Humanity from the Stars.


The Elites, or Sanghieli, are some of the toughest and most steadfast of the Covenant's ground combatants, and comprise most of the leadership of the Covenant's field forces. Even the lowest ranking Elite wears significant armor and personal energy shielding over a seven foot tall physique that is considerably stronger than any unaugmented human. Higher ranking Elites are equal even to the UNSC's Spartan II Supersoldiers.


The Brutes, or Jiralhanae, are one of the most recent additions to the multitudinous races of the Covenant, and one of the most zealously devoted to the Theocracy's 'Way.' As they are also very large, powerful, and heavily armed, this can make them fearsome opponents indeed. A Brute, while usually wearing less sophisticated shielding than an Elite, is nonetheless well armored, and typically will carry heavier firepower than Elites, albeit less technologically advanced, in most cases. As if the above reasons were not enough cause for concern, Brutes are known to enter a berzerk, killing rage when wounded or their pack memebers are slain.

Until next time kids!


Eli Arndt said...

Now, if we can just convince one of the many manufacturers out there to make a multi-racial army that draws off of common equipment and style.

Steel_Templar said...

iknow there is a good remplacement, somewher, that could be used.

kp up the good work James :)