Friday, October 8, 2010

Building A Game Part IV: Antagonists' Henchmen

Since I am rolling into a happy place on my artificial three day weekend, I figured this might be a good time to do a little writing on one of the projects nearest to my heart, my Halo miniature skirmish game. Still have not nailed down specifics on the mechanics of the thing, but since those are probably going to be an adaptation of something existing, the fluff is where I really need to show my stuff. Anyway, on with the show...


Weak and cowardly, though dangerous in numbers and skilled with long range weaponry, Jackals, or Kig-Yar, fill the roles of support infantry and snipers in the Covenant line of battle. Due to their physical frailty, Jackals are usually equipped with a gauntlet that projects a circular shield that can repel large amounts of projectile and small amounts of energy weapons fire. Because of their high level of dexterity and excellent aim, Jackals are typically armed with precision weaponry such as Beam Rifles or Carbines, though Plasma Pistols are also a common armament for shielded Jackals.


Standing only five feat tall, with a physique reminiscent of a terrestrial Orangutan with the skin of a Rhinoceros, Grunts, or Unggoy, are a subject race used as conscripted line infantry or cannon fodder. As the Unggoy breathe methane, they are rarely encountered without their pyramidal rebreather tanks. Cowardly in the extreme, Unggoy are nonetheless dangerous in large numbers, and will go to great lengths to protect or avenge their kin. Typically, they are teamed with an Elite squad leader, an experienced soldier who is able to scare the Unggoy into line, and keep them from dozing off and dreaming of food.
 And there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed this installment. I will likely be playing some Dogs of War tonight to see how I like those rules. If they work out well, I might start putting something together between this fluff and those mechanics.

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Eli Arndt said...

I am enjoying reading about the various races of HALO. I love the graphics, the design and the games, but am not "that" into the universe to know this stuff.