Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Building A Game Part V: A Big Bad Boss

Well, I have the majority of the order of battle worked out for both sides. If I feel like it I will go back and create fluff for lesser used units like Drones and Sentinels, and maybe Flood. On the other hand, I hate Flood, so maybe not. What I do like are Hunters. I've loved them ever since they were the easiest guys to kill in Halo: Combat Evolved, even to the painfully difficult, "burn all your ammo" versions in Halo 3: ODST. They make a great centerpiece for a covenant army, and are handicapped by the fact that thematically, they always appear in pairs, so if you only take one, pretend his counterpart already met the chief.


Twelve feet tall and bulletproof, a Hunter is not really a single being, but rather a colony of semi sentient worms that develop a mild mental bond when accumulated in great numbers. Given armor as think as some starships, and with a heavy shield and fuel rod cannon on their arms, Hunters fill the role of infantry support vehicle in the Covenant order of battle. The worm colonies which comprise a Hunters physical form are continually growing, and when one becomes too large to fit inside the armored shell, it splits and forms another Hunter, which is why these units are commonly encountered as pairs, or 'bond brothers.' Though the armor of a hunter is nearly impervious to small arms fire, they can still be damaged through unprotected flex points, and are susceptible to heavy weapons fire.

I saved the Hunters for last, as I think they are the most interesting of the Covenant's varied forces. In fact, they are what got me interested in Halo in the first place, all of those years ago. I think I am going to use some kind of game mechanic to make them vulnerable to 'critical hits' to represent hitting a gap in their armor. Thanks for reading! Until next time.


Eli Arndt said...

I agree that the Hunters are really cool conceptually, though to the average player, much of that is lost.

It wasn't until i started digging around for info on HALO that I learned of the worms. Until then I had always figured it was artificial musculature showing between the armor plates of powered armor.


CounterFett said...

Yeah, I'm trying to make these brief and accessible so people enjoy them, but not so in depth that only super fluff bunnies will read them. Hopefully I am hitting some kind of balance.

Of course, anyone likely to play a miniatures game based on Halo will already know all this stuff, but it's still worth the effort.

Eli Arndt said...

you are doing a great job. Just enough info to capture the flavor.

Now if we can just get get somebody to make 15mm figs for "not-HALO" aliens.

CounterFett said...

haha. I was thinking about buying a bunch of the Haloclix figures and taking them off their bases.