Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finally Posting Finished Tau Counts As Stormtroopers.

My Tau Stormtroopers are kinda finished. I realize kinda finished is like saying kinda pregnant, you either are or you are not. They need to be dipped, and I need to do the bases. Of course, since I have not done the bases of any of the minis that I have done this year, that is a narrow likelihood. Maybe some kid of New Year's resolution will be involved there. That's something I could live with. In any case, on with the pics!
These are my Pulse Carbines counts as shotguns crowd. I realized I wanted a lot of shotguns when I saw the Killzone tables that were being made for Adepticon. I thought about it, with how much terrain and movement is involved in Killzone, shotguns with Assault 2 are very good to me.
The Hellgun crowd with the Team Leader with Hellpistol and close combat accessory. I further realized that, if given the opportunity for longer range shots or Hellgun rapid fire, I wanted to be able to lay some down. Hence the Hellgunners. The Team Leader was just one of those things I wondered about, that worked out well enough to keep. I had an extra chainsword arm from my Khorne Berzerkers box, and thought, "I wonder if this will make a good model for a Killzone team Leader?" I don't do a lot of converting, but I am happy with how these came out.

Not bad considering I had not decided on a color scheme when I had sat down to paint them. Right?


sonsoftaurus said...

Looking good. The dip should really make that khaki pop.

Loquacious said...

These are frickin fantastic, and hilarious (to me, anyway). Nice job!

Ghostin said...

Bring on the dip! Those boys look thirsty!

Anonymous said...

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