Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fist Of Fallout! Another Weapon of the Wastes!

Ah, the Powerfist! Seriously just about the only reason to put any points into the unarmed skill, except for maybe that part of Fallout 2 where you have to fistfight that kungfu champ.

This is great, it falls into my "If I can't punch something to death, then this isn't science fiction" category. Most of my favorite genres of sci-fi use powerfists. In fact, they are so common that most genres use the same terminology. The Powerfist from Fallout 3 however, is not of the usual crackling energy variety of fist, as seen in the first two fallout titles, nor indeed from Warhammer 40k. Perhaps that is why I like this version so much. See, there is a big sliding piston, and when you hit something the weight snaps forward and lays the smack of god on them. Steampunk retro, and a bit of sci-fi quirkiness thrown in with good old kinetic energy. Boom. The big downside with Fallout 3 as regards powerfists, and melee weapons in general, is that it is quite difficult to use them outside of the VATS system, which means you are going to be playing most of your fistfights in slow motion. of course, I played the entire rest of the series in turn based, so whatever.

In Fallout Tactics, there is a less powerful version of the Powerfist, which I think would, in reality, be significantly more deadly, the Punch Gun. See, you load a shotgun shell in the chamber, punch something, and the short tube in the back of the hand fires the shell into their tummy. Bang!

In the real world, something like this has already been done. The Navy Construction Battalions (CBs or Seabees for short) had one that was either a .38 or .45. I have seen online commentators say .38, and my Dad said .45. I believe my Dad, but take your pick. Anyway, the CBs were not allowed to carry "Firearms" so the Sedgely device was attached to the back of a workglove to give them a measure of defense against Japanese infantry, who didn't care that the CBs were 'non-combatants.' History is weird.


Loquacious said...

My son loves the Manopener. Not quite a fist weapon, but still his favorite.

CounterFett said...

Haha. That almost made my list, but because it is only in Fallout 3, it sort of did not meet the right criteria.

Anonymous said...

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