Monday, October 25, 2010

Flogging A Dead Horse: Picking An HQ.

The Hospitaller project is coming along. I went through Codex: Space Marines this evening, trying to pick out a good commander for them and their attached "Special Forces" (counts as Scouts, remember?). I think I have the answer...
Kayvaan Shrike! The Captain of the Raven Guard 3rd, is a bad mama jama with some claws and a jetpack. This, again, will be another counts as, since I doubt old Kayvaan will have time to hold the hands of a few Vanguard Veterans and Scout squads. But I can use his rules for a similar figure in the Hospitallers. Just need to invent some back story for such a commander. Should not be much trouble.

He grants infiltrate to any squad he joins, and fleet to the whole army. Hello Vanguard Hospitallers! And infiltrated full strength squad of Vanguards along with Shrike should really be able to mess someone up. Plus, all of my scouts as troops will get fleet.