Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halo MegaBlox ODST / Pilot

I got this today when I was picking up milk and Sunny Delight for my kids today at Wal Mart. I think I have already mentioned how much I like this series of individually packed 'Hero' Selections. I got this one by feeling around the packages specifically for his SMG, because I was looking for a fourth ODST trooper to finish up my ODST themed fire team to play Dogs Of War with.

I think my wife already has two of this guy, but since I actually use them as gaming pieces, and she is mostly a collector, I don't want to use hers, so the repetition is not as pointless as it might seem at first. I suspect you will be seeing more of these guys in the near future.

By the way, if you did not gather from this review or others, I highly recommend picking these up if you find them. The ODST figures in particular are well sculpted, and feature excellent paint, from multiple detailed applications to the chromed visors of their helmets. They are pretty cool.


Gyro said...

Nice find! You finally convinced me to try one of these random packs, I got the one with the cloaking shield on, which was pretty cool.

CounterFett said...

Good find! I am under the impression that is the least common one, and the cooloest of the whole series. I think I have mentioned, but I can tell which is which through the package by feeling which weapon is included, and we have bought every one of those we have found, which is only three. The most common seem to be the elites with energy sword, which is fine, because I like that accessory, and the elite is a new color.

Congrats on getting into these, strangely, I think they are the most rewarding toy out there right now, they work well for everything.