Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honour Guard: Who Uses 'Em?

God morning one and all, Counterfett here with the morning question? Who out there uses Honour Guard, and what are they good for?
No, not that kind.
That Kind.

I have seen a good deal of people use them from the Blood Angels Codex, but because I am only passing familiar with that one, I don't know what the difference could be. I am more interested in the Codex: Space Marines version, since that is what I am currently looking at. See, since I have decided that my two plasma rifle Master Chief is going to count as Marneus Calgar, which unlocks up to three squads of Honour Guards. Yeah, they are expensive. Yeah, they are low model count (those are both actually positives for me right now, Lol). But they do have access to Relic Blades and Auxilliary Grenade Launchers, both of which are made of win as far as I am concerned.

So, how good are they? What role do they fill? At the moment, I am not committed to these one way or the other, as my figs have not even arrived yet, so I am not making my list really or assigning models to roles. I am looking real close at the codex and trying to decide on combinations that fit my concept of the army and my play style. So far, it looks like Honour Guard fit pretty well. Are there any glaring flaws I am missing? More than just the low model count, I mean. Low model count plagues elite armies as a rule, but I have seen Sanguinary Guard Dante Wing run pretty darn well, so I have faith in my "Calgar-Wing" or "Chief-Wing" as the case may be.

Let me know what you think, internets, you are my only hope...


sonsoftaurus said...

Great models, esp. the eagle-faced helmets.

I haven't used them in a list. From my read, they're expensive guys who don't really have enough attacks to dish out tons of wounds, and without an inv save they wouldn't survive fights with the guys they should shine against - enemy expensive well-armored guys like terminators.

If they ended up being an actual hybrid vet unit, like with sternguard bolters plus pw and options for things I think they'd be pretty nasty. As is, not so much.

RayJ said...

In a space marine army, the honor guard are typically just too expensive for what you get. I have used them before and I can say for sure that the lack of invulnerable save is their downfall.

Otherwise they are a decent unit: bolter, power weapon, and bolt pistol with artificer armor makes them very durable and very killy against standard infantry.

I feel the best roll for these guys is a clean-up and counter-charge unit. A few grenade launchers and a relic blade on the champ are gonna be one of the best loadouts you can find. Unfortuantely, they cost so much that you can typically get similar or better results for those same points with 2 or 3 other units.