Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Master Chief Comes To Warhammer!

Tell me he couldn't Count-As Vulkan
Ok, well, all this talk of building a Space Marine Army, Count-as, and Spartans, got me all riled up to actually build a Space Marine army out of Spartan IIs. To that end I ordered a whole bunch of the old Halo ActionClix figures. Now, these will take some converting to be enough WYSIWYG that I can use them to play with, but that's part of the fun. I was also thinking about using some model tanks to count as Predators, as there are a few at the local craft store that can easily be laid hands on. The upshot, from where I am standing at least, is that I can build the whole army the way I want it for less than the cost of a predator plus tax from my local GW store in the mall. Plus it saves me the trouble of going down there. I hate going across town.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of a good cheap source of 25mm round bases? I figure these will be fine on their clix bases in the short term, but I would rather have them on the right kind of bases as soon as possible. Maybe part of that big re-basing New Years Resolution project I was talking about a few days ago.

I paid for UPS shipping which is supposed to have them to me by 5 business days, which means scheduled delivery should have these bad boys in my hot little hands by Monday. Since this is one of those projects that has been on the middle burner for quite a while, I am pretty antsy to actually get working on it.

I will keep you updated.


Loquacious said...


As for bases, hit me up at email- mrshoover AT gmail DOT com

sonsoftaurus said...

If you know any local WHFB daemon players they may well have plenty of round-base spares, as AFAIK the daemon boxes should come with both square and round options...