Monday, October 25, 2010

Not Firing On All Cylinders: Working With Just One Codex.

I like reading, a lot. Usually when I am tinkering with an army list, especially this early in the process, I like to look through all of the codices I own (which is most), see which one offers the options I need, the costs I want, rules, etcetera. It is probably my favorite part of the process, in fact. I certainly do a better job of this stage than I do of assembly or painting, and god knows I lose a lot when I actually play.
Do to the upcoming move, however, all of my books are packed in a box, with only a few exceptions. I have a few novels I just finished that I purchased Friday afternoon, but those are no help. I do have, however, my most recently acquired codex. Space Marines! I got it to tinker with that list Fritz had posted, that I reposted last week. I have always liked it, and we have all run across it in play, I am sure. There's not much that can be said about Codex: Space Marines that has not been already said. Honestly, though, if I had had a chance to pick, I would have kept out Space Wolves or Chaos Space Marines, since they are a lot more my style. Nevertheless, I am going to attempt to make a go of this without going too crazy.
Anyway, the reason I am letting you all know this is that most of my 40k related posts for the near future are going to be Codex: Space Marines related. In particular, I am going to be working on my list, my concept, my backstory, and my paint scheme.
I love my Hospitallers concept, it is something that I have wanted to use for a while. The thing that bothers me about it, however, is a big part of what bothers me about Space Marines in general, and that is the lack of 'military' in their theme. They have too much heraldry and gothic mysticism. Maybe I will do something off the wall, and use the 'knightly' theme just for my Veterans, and use something else for my troops choices. That sort of falls out of the 'Scouts are Space Marines in training and just don't have the armor' mold, but that does not bother me too much. If it is something I can justify to myself, and others, I'll run with it. Perhaps they are a Space Marine chapter sending a small elite unit in to support local special forces (Counts as Scouts?). The concept needs some working on. I suppose that since I will be working on this pretty much exclusively, I will come up with something.


DaveHowitzer said...

I must say I like the concept you have of using the scouts as "counts as" I'm thinking on doing something similar myself with my new army that is "waiting" for the new Ordo Malleus book, having Inq Stormies as "counts as" Scouts, Deathwatch Kill Teams -yes i know, Ordo Xenos- as Sternguard/Tactical marines, a power armoured "Inquisitor" as a librarian etc etc.

Loquacious said...

I only have one! I'm not complaining.... yet.