Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Of Gladiatrixes And Sail Barges. My Thoughts On The New Dark Eldar Part II

Well, the promised and much delayed second part of my Dark Eldar miniatures review is nigh. As always, the same caveats apply as before: don't take my word for it, I won't know if these are good or bad in game terms until I actually play against them. This is just my impressions of the images GW has put out of the new releases thus far. This is, as the title suggests, the second installment, dealing with troops choices and vehicles.

Kaballite Warriors: These are pretty impressive, and there is not much mocking I can do about these. They have the same aesthetic as the old warriors, and a lot of the same options, they are simply executed better. And they come in the more cost effective ten pack. Nice. They still look a little like something out of Hellraiser, but I guess there is only so much that can be done.
Wyches: Much of what you would expect here as well. These are nice sculpts, and look like they come with a lot of options. I know a lot of people who wanted to play Wych Cults are  very relieved that these are coming out in plastics. These look a lot more action oriented and dynamic than the old, flat looking metals. Why do they all have the same hair color as my crazy ex girlfriend?
Reaver: This looks a lot like the old one to me. Admittedly, I never looked that closely at the old one. This looks like a place I could send rude droids to serve drinks so that they would soon learn respect, or maybe have some pesky Jedi walk off the side. My favorite thing about this model is the guys hanging off the side. A culture that has mastered anti-gravity technology can't make seating?
Ravager: Not much going on here. This one seems a bit pricey to me considering there is really not that much different than the cheaper model. Again, we have the incongruity of a sail on an anti gravity speed machine. "Apologies, Archon, I would love to be fleet this turn, but the wind seems to have turned." At least the guys on the Ravager have seating. I bet they even have cupholders.

Well, that about sums it up for this edition of Dark Eldar new releases. I have not heard anything one way or the other, but I suspect there will be another wave of releases in a few weeks, and I will promptly spout, er, elucidate my opinions on them.

Until next time folks!


Loquacious said...

Hey, I want cuppholders! Don't you know market research shows that's what influences a woman's choice to buy (sneer)?

Sorry, I'm being silly. I like your thought process.

CounterFett said...

Women heck. It is my second criteria when purchasing a car. After whether or not it has a sail.