Sunday, October 24, 2010

Of Hussars And Samurai. My Thoughts On The New Dark Eldar.

Let's get something clear right up front. I don't know enough about this game to look at the leaked info from other sites and tell you whether the Dark Eldar are going to be awesome, or alpha strikers, or suck, or own the tournament scene, or anything along those lines. I'll probably figure out how good or bad they are depending upon how badly I get beat by whichever player decides to field them against my astonishingly bad win record.

What I am going to talk about, however, is the pics of the new models being brought out for the line. I like them a lot. I figured, now that the rumors and leaked pictures and preorders have stabilized a bit, I would do a quick 'who's-who' of the upcoming DE.

Archon: I think that GW has been influenced a bit by their other licenses, as this guy looks like he is questing for a ring of power or something. A great model, and definitely better than the chunky old guy. This radiates a level of menace not seen before in GW's rather chunky line of figs. Makes me want to see how CSMs will be treated when they come out.

Lelith: This is a nice fig, a little bit of a cross between ancient Rome and Frederick's. Makes me jealous of her six-pack honestly. Maybe instead of typing, I should go do some crunches...

Urien Rakarth: I have never liked Haemonculi, they are ugly, and I don't know how to use them right. I am sure this miniature conveys those two things very well.

Incubi: These are awesome. Maybe the pinnacle of the metals for this release. I like the idea of getting to use these guys as Elites rather than HQ, and most of the cosmetic changes make them fit a lot better with the aesthetic of the Dark Eldar than the old models. I maintain that the banner things on their backs make them look like daemonic Polish Winged Hussars.
Mandrakes: The other contender for best of this release, in my opinion. I have not decided if they look like they are wearing diapers or those Hakama Samurai pants. I have been told Mandrakes are super lame still. In the old edition both their rules and their models sucked. In this edition, at least they look cool. Might get them just to use them as oni or something. Definitely super cool.

That is about it for the HQ and Elites. I was planning on going over the troops as well, but maybe I will post that later, as this post is already overlong, considering everyone has already likely seen these pics. While I am at it, I might talk about the other preorder models too. Time will tell.

Thanks for reading.


Loquacious said...

I love the Mandrakes, sucky or not.

Von said...

I think I love the whole range - I'm just sick of 'fast and hard but made of tinfoil' as a playstyle, and I hate flying bases.