Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The One, The Only...Alien Blaster!

Remember, a few days ago, how I said there were only two weapons from the Fallout series that had a special place in my heart? I bet you thought the second one was the powerfist, right?
This Is Not My Pic, Mine Got Left At Home!

Well, as it turns out, #2 is in fact the Alien Blaster. Found at the alien crash site in Fallout, and mostly through mods in Fallout 2, the alien Blaster makes its triumphant return in Fallout 3. Now, there might be other places to get it, but I got mine in the Enclave Mobile Base, off the body of that 'Enclave Sigma Commander' or whatever he was called.

As best I can tell, it is still the best ranged weapon in the Fallout Universe, Capitol Wasteland or no. It does a heap of damage, has decent range and speed, and still turns your foes into tidy little piles of ash. Plus, it looks wicked cool. Downsides are (of course) that it uses Energy weapons skill, which most people neglect, and now it uses it's own type of power cell, instead of one of the standard types as in previous games. Bummer. Whatever, it is still the best gun in the game. Deal with it.

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