Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Quick Update, and Things to Come!

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

A couple of quick things I have to let the good folks know!
  1. I am not allowed to be on the blog while I am at work anymore. Apparently, I never was, but now they are enforcing it, so you will not be seeing a lot of daytime activity from me anymore. This is not that big a deal, since I usually do my posting from home anyway. Still, I apologize if I am not responding quickly to comments.
  2. Tonight will be family gaming night, and as such, I think it will be a Space Hulk night so that I can give the newly formed Vandal Team a run. Should be awesome. Expect pictures and a battle report tonight or tomorrow.
  3. I am currently stalled on most of my miniatures and wargaming projects, and am looking for some advice/inspiration. If you know anything cool that I should be doing with any of the projects you have seen on these pages lately, please shoot me a comment. I am usually a self-starter, but it has been so long since I have painted at this point that it is becomming a matter of inertia. Like it is going to be really hard to get back into painting.
That's it for now, folks! Thank you for your patience, I am as always endeavoring to give the most interesting, informative, and diverting content that you can read to waste your time instead of working!

* This isn't my pic, so if it's yours and you want it off, say the word. It's just the closest thing I could find to showing Spartans in Space Hulk!

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Dave G _ Nplusplus said...

When I start to lose focus on what I'm working on, I find I need to switch gears slightly. Here's some suggestions:
- Stop painting, work on assembling and modding
- Paint the genre you don't normally paint (40k vs Fantasy) You don't even have to pick up WHF, just grab some cheaper Hordes or Reaper minis.
- Work on terrain
- Improve your online presence (blogging, DeviantArt gallery, etc)