Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something To Count As My HQ

Requiring an HQ choice for Space Marines seems counter intuitive, since in most of the books I have read about them, they are never deployed in groups greater than squads, invariably lead by a grizzled sergeant who would surely have a cigar hanging from clenched teeth.

For the Halo themed army I am building from ActionClix figures, there is really only one figure that stands alone from the crowd...Spartan John-117, the Master Chief. Here is the figure I have for him:
Now, the problem is, what does he count as. Now, I recently did an article about how much I love Shrike, and how I am planning to use him for my Hospitallers. Let me say right now that that is a separate, and longer running project than this is, and that the two should not be confused. The only overlap here is that both are currently run off of Codex Space Marines. It's just the only Codex I have right now, and one of the armies will likely switch codices at some point in the future. Be that as it may, I was trying to think of a good way to set up a Space Marine Captain or Chapter Master or Chaplain to make it fit right with the figure above, and I just could not come up with anything. It was frustrating!

Then I thought to look through the Space Marine Special Characters. I almost decided on Shrike again, since the 'same weapon on both hands' shoe fits, but I demurred, simply because even I cannot bring myself to say those count as lightning claws. Also, the Chief has nothing that looks like a Jump Pack.

Then, I found it...
Marneus Calgar! Awesome! The dude has bolters for hands! Plus, he's awesome! The Chief is awesome! If you could not tell, I said awesome to myself a lot last night while I was biking and reading the Codex. In any case, I was very happy about figuring this out. The best thing about this is that Calgar soaks a lot of points, which is important to me right now that my army does not have a very high model count, and I have nothing to count as vehicles yet.

More to Come!

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