Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spartan C205: Loquacious

Third installment of four in the new Saga of Team Vandal!

Loquacious, Spartan C205

Loquacious was another of the few Charlie company survivors to escape Onyx, and was seconded to Headhunter training alongside Mario C214. She is the flip side of the coin, however, to Mario's silent taciturn demeanor. She is possessed of incredible linguistic skills (both naturally and due to the augmentation procedures all Spartans must pass through), and delights in using her astonishing vocabulary both on and off the field of battle. In the secretive Headhunter program, her poor comm-silence discipline is seen as a liability. In the Vandals, it is just seen as the way it is.

Loquacious falls into the niche of heavy weapon and long range fire support for Vandal Team, if such a phrase can been ascribed to Loqcaucious' style of fighting: pummeling the enemy with shotgun or grenade fire, dancing away from return shots, all the while taunting them with clever and biting soliloquy and epithets that most human college students would have difficulty deciphering, much less alien combatants. Nevertheless, the other members of Vandal Team go to great lengths to defend her in official reports, and in combat, make even greater efforts to protect "Firebase Loki" as they sometimes refer to her.
Woohoo! Only one more to go. Should be done this afternoon, then I can go back to playing games with my toys rather than naming them and making up stories for them!

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