Monday, October 18, 2010

Spartan C214: Mario

First of the write ups for my LEGO Spartan characters. The first volunteer was my old college buddy Mario, who got to be the half-psychotic sword wielding Spartan on the far right. Since he was first, I figured I would do his background first. Or something like that.

Mario, Spartan C214
Nicknamed 'Menace' by his instructor Kurt-051, Mario is Vandal Team's reconnaissance, infiltration, and sabotage expert. He was one of the few C company Spartan IIIs to be successfully evaced from Onyx after the shield world was activated, and due to his glowing performance evals from Kurt and CPO Mendez, he was entered in the secretive Headhunter program. It can be said his skill was his undoing, as he was so effective at avoiding his evaluators and blending in with the other trainees that he recieved low marks simply due to the fact that the evaluators did not remember him and got him mixed up with someone else. He washed out at the midpoint and was rolled into the new NavSpecWarGrp 3.

Of the current members of Vandal Team, Mario has seen the most combat, having survived the glassing of three worlds. He has also been affected by the close manner of combat more than the other members, as his skill set sees him at closer grips with the mind bending forces of the Covenant. Still, he remains a Menace to his assigned targets, and it has been said by the Office of Naval Intelligence, after Post Strike Assessments, that most of the Covenant targets removed by Mario have never even known he was in the room.
At the last time I checked, there was still one more Spartan up for grabs. If you want to be a part of Spartan Wargaming history, check out the post below, and leave a comment!