Monday, October 18, 2010

Spartan G232: Silar

Up next in the Vandal Team Hit Parade is Silar. He wanted the Guy on the left with the plasma pistol, and by golly, he's going to get it. I am progressing nicely in order, and should have the last of the profiles hammered out by tomorrow afternoon at this rate.

Silar, Spartan G232

Silar is an orphan of the Covenant war, as all Spartan III initiates are, but he is, in fact, the only colonist to have escaped the glassing of his home world Lannanaris. UNSC records indicate that the world was a center of unusually high technology, which unfortunately was not enough to save their world from eradication. He was found alone on an escape pod drifting near the boundaries of the system by an ONI Stealth Ship, and forwarded to the Secondary Spartan III training camps off of Onyx. He was, therefore, not present during the Battle for Onyx.

He was seconded to Headhunter training due to his affinity for Covenant technology making him an ideal candidate for the sort of behind the lines activity the Headhunters are tasked with. He washed out in the final weeks for unauthorized tampering with captured technology, in which he destroyed an explosive test range by 'enhancing' the yield of captured plasma grenades. Silar specializes in energy weapons and the tactical applications thereof. He will, however, make exceptions in the case of needle weaponry, which he is also quite fond of.

Well, that's two down. Now I see why Sons of Taurus did this, it is a lot of fun! Stay tuned for tomorrow's installments!


Loquacious said...

At least it wasn't natural male enhancement... =) Awesome writeup.

Silar Lannanaris said...

Great write up mate. Might try out this idea for my Killzone team. Seems like fun.

CounterFett said...

I do recommend it. All of a sudden you find yourself a lot more involved in building the team.

I have also noticed that it makes you play a little differently. As soon as your characters have names and personalities, you start thinking about what THEY would do in the situation. It's better in games like Killzone or Inquisitor or Necromunda, where the story and fun are more important than winning. 40k can be that way.