Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spartan Watch Begins Tomorrow!

First off, allow me to wish a Happy Halloween to all of my loyal readers! Don't do anything I wouldn't do! Stay out of trouble! Don't drink and drive!

Now that my community service message has been wrapped up for the evening, tomorrow is the earliest calculated day that my Halo minis could show up. I am pretty excited, as this will mark the beginning of when I really start to assemble my list. I have two orders coming, and they should be about a day apart. I have an order coming that I made, which is single figures, and I know precisely what is coming. Then I have another order which should come second from a different vendor that someone placed for me, which is the same number of figures but in booster packs.

Since I intentionally got the cheapest and most common figures in my singles purchases, I expect more of the same from the boosters. Hopefully I will also get some ODSTs and marines though. For my uncommons, I am hoping to get some heavy weapons, where my known purchases are light. Each booster is also supposed to contain one rare or super rare, and from these I am hoping for some characters to fill out my HQ and elite slots.

I would love a Sgt. Johnson to 'count as' Scout Sergeant Telion. That would just be too perfect. Likely wont happen, but you can't always get what you want.
A Master Chief with Spartan Laser would be a good fit for Master Of The Forge with Conversion Beamer, but I am not holding my breath here.
I have several of these coming, in blue, and it seems like a lock for Sternguard with combi-plasma.
Several more of these, now I have not decided here...combi-melta? I just don't know. I have enough of them I am tempted to just say 'these are bolters' but that's not really a great fit. Guess we'll see.

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