Friday, October 22, 2010

Things For Veterans To Count As: Sticking With A Theme.

Well, now that I am off on a tangent, I figured I would carry through until I run out of steam. When I said that I was thinking of using ODSTs to count as Space Marine Scouts in the last post, I also made mention that I was thinking of using Spartans as Counts As Sternguard. I have since thought that I might actually like using Legion Of The Damned Counts As for my Spartans, because that way, they will soak up even more points, plus the invulnerable save is a better fit for the Spartans' energy shields.

It did get me to thinking though. What about Dark Angels veterans? Could these be ported over to the vanilla Codex and used with Vanguard vet rules? I do own Codex Space Marines, and have read through Codex Dark Angels, but I don't recall if the rules/options are similar. One of the ideas I had for a chapter of my own, now that I am sick of the Salamanders, was something like a cross between the Black Templar and Dark Angels in theme, but with one of the more current codices. I was going to make a Hospitaller themed chapter, with Dark angels models using silver armor and black tabards, with freehand white crosses (if I were feeling ambitious). Using Scouts as "Order Men-At-Arms" with the same livery, and Vanguards as Brother-Knights or some such seems like a slick way to work a few of my favorite themes into one. Sort of like a yummy egg roll of whoop ass. I could still even work in Land Speeder Storms if I really wanted to.

This would be great for me for a few reasons:
  1. I would have made my own theme and play style, rather than straight ripping off Fritz. Even though he posts those lists with full knowledge and tacit approval of people ripping them off, it still feels cheesy to me.
  2. It would finally be the "one project to rule them all" that my 40k life needs.
  3. The Dark Angel Vets look awesome, and I have been looking for a reason to buy a box. The same goes for the scouts, when you get right down to it.
  4. I really need to stop getting a little bit of each faction in 40k, and I need to settle down into one army, that I can work steadily towards.
  5. I love making these numbered lists.
So there you have it. What other things are great for counts as Veterans? Comments, ribald jokes, and even derision are more than welcome.


Warhammer39999 said...

Robed figures as veterans are perfectly acceptable (I have a set of my own, though I use them as sternguard). Other good "counts as" solutions include Ultramarine Tyranid Hunters and, of course, Deathwatch Kill Teams.

sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds like a plan. Good luck!