Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vandal Team Takes on Space Hulk!

I love playing Space Hulk. Its rules are simple enough that my daughter can grasp the basics, and what little bit of math and number memory there is, I can remember off the top of my head and determine the result of dice rolls without referring to anything. This time was special, as I was using it for the debut of Vandal Team, my LEGO Spartan team made in honor of Halo: Reach and named after blog followers.
The setup was like this; Sammi set up her daemons counts as flood counts as genestealers (I know, our counts as are getting pretty complicated), which she set up on her side.

I set up Vandal Team on the far side of my little bridge, with Mario in front, as I was using his Plasma Sword as lightning claws.

Next came Silar with his plasma pistol, which we were counting as, appropriately enough, a plasma pistol. This was one of my smarter moves. Plasma kills 'stealers. Plasma kills Flood. Plasma Kills Everything.
Third in line was Team Leader Gyro with the sub-machine gun counts as bolter of doom.
Loquacious brought up the rear with Shotgun counts as assault cannon.
I took a more varied and heavier loadout this time, because I had fewer guys, and I wanted the Vandal crew to each have a different role.

There was no clear cut winner of this game, as we ran out of time due to Samantha's bedtime. It went well for me at first. The increased firepower took out a few Daemons before I even came to close quarters, but then as Sammi kept pouring them on, I started losing ground. Silar was taken out of action wounded first, as his gun can only fire every other round, and he had no CC bonus. Mario took a lot of melee, but because he was the vanguard, he too fell. On the last turn, Sammi finally started running low on Daemons, and this one really could have gone either way. As I said, it was called on account of bedtime.


Loquacious said...

I could talk her to sleep so you can win!

Just kidding. I love that your daughter enjoys it and is having so much fun with Dad.

Silar Lannanaris said...

Oh no! I died first, hope I took a few of the Flood with me?

CounterFett said...

Yeah, the Plas Pistol in Space Hulk is a beastie, it basically hits every time it shoots, but takes a turn to recharge.

And we don't call it 'killed.' For one thing, I want to reuse these characters. For the second, my daughters only six. Since we are not playing, like, my little pony, my wife insists I tone down the nomenclature. Thus, Silar was simply hurt and pulled to safety by a valiant ODST redshirt.