Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halo: Reach Noble Six Action Figure Review, Part II

Well, as promised, here is Noble Six out of the packaging. I am no expert when it comes to action figure articulation, but it seems like Noble Six has it where he needs it. He does not seem as poseable to me right now as Master Chief, but that may be because I am so familiar with all of Master Chief's poses because of my old journal experiment. Seems like Six has all the same points of articulation, but they are stiffer, again, this might just be because he is new. A neat feature is that because the figures are bulkier in Reach than in Halo 3, they are able to hide a lot of his articulation along the seams of his armor. In particular, the floating armor plates on his upper thighs hide the ball jointed hips very well.  The gauntleted area of his forearm is also quite well done.

Up next will be a comparison of the different marks of Mjolnir armor seen thus far. Thanks for reading and stay tuned...

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