Monday, November 8, 2010

The Badab Project!

Silar over at The Fallen Princes is starting a project where those of us making armies based on the Chapters involved in the Badab wars can see what other hobbyists are doing on their projects. I might have jumped the gun a little, but because of my Mantis Warriors project which I am currently working on, I am pretty excited about the prospect. If you are working on a Chapter which would have been involved in the Badab War, follow the link in this post, or the one on the top right and have a look. He has simple instructions for how to join, and let him know so that we are al in the loop. I know they are simple because I was able to follow them. So just think how easy it will be for those of you who are computer literate!

I think it would be worth it for anyone who is building one of these armies to keep in touch with the community, get some ideas, show off your work, and get some traffic to your blog.

Happy hunting!


Loquacious said...

shhhhhhhhhh what's the Badab war?

Big Bad Garou said...

Can't wait to see your army. I too will be creating a Mantis Warrior army when the second book comes out.

CounterFett said...

I figured I would just get a jump on things, and if there are any changes to the plan when IA10 comes out, I can adjust on the fly. I take a long time to paint and assemble.