Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Blog You Should All Be Following!

Well, maybe not all of you. Those of you who do not play miniatures wargames might not be that interested in this, but I think a good deal of you who read my blog either are gamers yourself, or might be interested at least.

If you are, visit Tabletop Fix . This is a terrific blog that updates multiple times daily. I am not sure how all exactly they get wind of every miniature release before I do, but they seem to have the scoop from a good deal of manufacturers that I enjoy. There's not much filter, sometimes there are several posts I am not interested in, but then there are days where I go four or five times because there are multiple posts that interest me.

I think it is in my personal top ten visited sites, simply because it saves me the trouble of needing to keep track of all these makers myself.

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