Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Building The Mantis Warriors Part I

Brother Captain Tycho, the tragic and noble figure descending into madness, fighting his shame at his disfigurement and losing his battle with the consuming rage which characterizes his chapter. Sad story, but a great character. Basically Phantom of the Opera meets Hannibal Lector.

I am planning on using him as a 'counts-as' Brother Captain Maetrus, the Mantis Warrior who organized the Elite "Praying Mantidae", an elite fighting cadre dedicated to eradicating the remains of the Astral Claws Chapter. Sadly, while battling a company of the Alpha Legion, he was the one who also discovered the 'battle haze' which is an affliction of the Mantis Warriors flawed gene seed. He descended into the battle madness, never to recover.

Seems like a good fit to me. I do have one question for those of you more familiar with this codex than me: what is the Dead Man's Hand? Is it a power fist? Or does it just give him the digital weapons re-roll to his bolt pistol close combat attack?


sonsoftaurus said...

Dead Man's Hand gives:
-ignore armor saves
-2d6 armor pen HTH
-digital weapons (one reroll to wound)

Combined with his combi-melta, he should make a good armor-killer, able to take a BS5 shot and then attack at I5 with 4+2d6 pen. Against Orks, with Preferred Enemy he could really tear up some Killer Kans. No EW though, so the return swings could hurt if you fail the Iron Halo rolls.

Also worth pointing out that the Death Company version of him is tougher, but isn't an IC - so no joining squads.

The regular version of him could be a natural to stick with a Sternguard squad - he has the special ammo, combimelta, and has a good CC punch to help protect them.

CounterFett said...

Thanks a million. I have the Codex, and for some reason I had a blockage and just could not figure out what that was.

I also did not realize about the Death Company version not being able to join. Seems a bit hypocritical of me at this juncture, but I think I will use the Sane version of him, and boo to all the naysayers. Someone like him, with a model that will STAND OUT will just be a walking target if he's not attached. Guess I will have to burn that bridge when we get to it.