Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Building The Mantis Warriors Part II

Well, folks, right off the bat, let me apologize for the fact that the first few of these updates are going to be mostly coming to grips with the ideas of what I want in the Blood Angels Codex, and what said things are going to count as in the Mantis Warriors. I knew from the beginning that I was going to need Astorath the Grim so that I could run my idea of Death Company squads. I had also planned on using the Death Company version of Captain Tycho, but thanks to some great points by sonsoftaurus (thanks so much btw), I have decided I am going to run the Sane version of Tycho as a Mantis Captain who has yet to be named. So that means Astorath will be playing the role of the tragic Captain Maetrus. Good enough, Astorath has enough of the same abilities I was looking for for Maetrus that no one will be the wiser (shhhhhh).

In any case, Astorath: Redeemer of the Lost. Now, I like the idea, and I love the Blood Angels models in general. Now, I am particularly unfortunate in that I really don't like the Astorath mini. I have seen some beautiful paint jobs on him (I'm looking at you again Cadaver), but the mini itself has not done much for me. I am currently trying to decide what I want to convert for him, but I am open to any suggestions.


Mighty said...

Do you like the Vanguard Veteran Sergeant Model? As it comes with a Relic blade and a Jump pack so could be a good count as to Astorath. Or you could get some sanguinary guard bits as the Glaive encarmines are two handed. Just some thoughts. Are you planning on doing any conversions?

CounterFett said...

Hmm, that Vanguard Veteran Sergeant just might be Perfect! I guess I did not think of it because I was only looking in the HQ page of Games Workshop's site.

I am going to be doing some converting, as I like a lot of the BA range for the appropriate entries, perhaps not surprisingly, but a lot of the blood drops and wings won't work for the Mantis Legion. Mostly little stuff. I was thinking of Sang Guard for the Artificer armor in plastic, but they are just dripping with BA details, and I am not sure how much converting I want to do there.

Like I said, the Vanguard Sergeant might be perfect. Thanks again!

Mihalis "Cadaver" Skalkos said...

Thanks again for the kind remark! It seems that Astorath leans more towards a Vampire Lord rather than a Space Marine, I think this is what bothers me most in this model. I've seen many Astoraths play the Vampire Lord in Vampire Counts armies. Anyways, have you seen the Raven Guard dude that Forgeworld released? Maybe could be what you're looking for, although a bit pricey!

CounterFett said...

Ooh, that's good too! Decisions decisions!