Friday, November 19, 2010

Covenant Aspect Warriors For Killzone...The List

So, I broke out the Codex: Eldar, flipped through while looking at what I had in terms of models.  Now admittedly, I am not that familiar with this Codex, but this is what I have come up with, seems like it should be fun. What I am going to do after tomorrow (when the moving is done), is look through the latest version of the Killzone errata to make sure this list is legal (I am concerned about the number of special and heavy weapons).
Striking Scorpions (Exarch Center, with Biting Blade), 65 Points. These Guys are a big chunk of my points allotment, but I think they are worth it. Good weapons, good skill, good armor (3+ anyway). I gave the Exarch the Biting Blade, just because I always liked that in Space Hulk, and it's cheap.
Dire Avengers (Exarch center), 48 points. Decent, relatively cheap infantry for volume of shooting. Could probably have passed on the Exarch here, since I did not give him anything special, but the Arbiter figure works so well as an Exarch it is hard to pass up. Plus, he has better armor.
Fire Dragons (Exarch left, with Fire Pike), 52 points. Fusion guns are a lot of fun. Fire Pikes are even better. Figured I should bring along some high strength melta loving in case my daughter decides to bring along any of her walkers when she goes up against this list. The last time she did that the highest strength weapon I had was a heavy bolter. Sad Times.
Single Solitary Warp Spider. 22 Points. I suppose I could just as easily have left this guy out, and used the extra points for the special Killzone team upgrades, but since I always forget to use those, I figured I would just go with my traditional habit of just using all the points on models. Plus Sesa Refumee is a super cool figure that I was pretty excited to get, so I cannot leave him out!

That comes to 177 points, which, as long as I am not breaking any rules, allows me to come in at the low end of Killzone, which I think makes this list a little more competitive.

Let me know what you think!

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