Friday, November 12, 2010

Deathwatch Gaming: Brother Gregor Rides Again!

Well we finally got around to the second installment of the free introductory adventure's: Oblivion's Edge. This is a great adventure and rekindles my interest in this RPG. This time around wanting it, I can actually get it, since it is now out in stores.

In any event, the game session went pretty smoothly. I managed not to die (something relatively new for me). I think the ferocity of the opponents is offset somewhat by the fact that Space Marines are, in fact, quite tough. I really love the Horde mechanic that this game has for resolving large scale combats. It keeps a cinematic scope, but still makes the game relatively fast paced, something I rather enjoy in a combat oriented RPG.

Now that I am talking about scale, it bears mentioning that scale is something this game really makes you think about. When you play Warhammer 40k, you sort of take for granted that a lone Tyranid Warrior is not a terrible threat, but when you only have 4 or 5 Deathwatch battle brothers with no appreciable heavy weaponry (heavy bolters still don't count), they are downright frightening. Throughout the whole scenario, you keep coming across more evidence of how monstrous and terrible the Tyranid invasion is, and how implacable a foe the xenos are. We played the first half last night, and we are scheduled to finishe in the first part of next week.

Without spoiling too much, let us just say that the first half of this scenario includes a harrowing firefight chase, a desperate last stand, and more Tyranid Warriors than I really care to think about. But with a good group of brothers...erm, gamers, it's nothing you can't handle. We had to eventually call it a night, but it was a blast. If you have not played the new Deathwatch RPG you really should give it a try. You can download the first two adventures for free here.


sonsoftaurus said...

Sounds fun.

How does the Horde mechanic work?

CounterFett said...

It makes a large group of weaker enemies have one stat line, like they are a single big organism. If your marines' bolters scythe down whole ranks of hormagaunts, say, you take a point of 'magnitude' off of the horde. Magnitude works like hit points, except as magnitude goes down, so does the Horde's ability to fight and maintain morale.

It really is a blast.

Loquacious said...

TheDude is talking about doing a huge arcing story that would encompass (in one way or another) the DW, RT, and DH games... and he has a good 10+ people willing to play.

DW isn't for me, but I see why it's appealing.

CounterFett said...

Astonishingly, DW is the only one that I have played. I am usually more of a d20 guy when it comes to role playing games.

Deathwatch is special though.