Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Deathwatch RPG: Brother Gregor Rides It Home...

Well, despite the move and new digs, I have managed to get in some gaming. Since my armies are largely inaccessible, my gaming has returned to the standby of old, RPGs. Deathwatch was the subject du jour last night, as we picked up and concluded the second free adventure "Oblivion's Edge" from fantasy flight games. I was of course, in my recurring role of Brother Gregor, the taciturn Storm Warden tactical marine with a grudge and a sword to bear. The second half of the adventure had us escaping the doomed tyranid infested world, ascending into space and laying into the hive fleet in orbit.

Anyone who has read the Ultramarines Omnibus is familiar with the scene, a desperate mission launched into the mothership in order to kill the Norn Queen running things. We launch along with some Storm Troopers, and all, of course, goes awry. After we crash the Norn Queen's party, we regroup, gather what Storm Troopers are still alive (god bless cannon fodder) and head toward the heart of the ship, smashing whatever we can, and hiding from the bigger stuff. Gregor, of course, was not big on the hiding, but the mission comes first so he swallowed his pride.

Gregor finally comes into his own in this session, as he is better against single strong foes rather than swarms, so I finally got to pull my own weight rather than just buy time for the devastator with the heavy bolter to do the heavy lifting.

In total, a fun time was had by all!


DaveHowitzer said...

As a fellow fan of the FFG 40k universe I'm loving this! Not played DW yet but I have the rulebook, and its interesting to see the differences between DH/RT and Deathwatch. How are you finding playing as a Marine rather than Joe-Q-Cannon Fodder?

Gyro said...

Around these parts, Brother Gregor became Brother "Mac" Grrgor (insert poor Scottish accent) and was accompanied by his infamous battle cry, "Ride the LIGHTNING!!!!" (insert high pitched heavy-metal wailing)

I'll shamelessly plug our Deathwatch actual play podcast if you haven't already checked it out, it's pretty explicit however.

CounterFett said...

@ Davehowitzer...I never played any of the other installments in the series, so I don't have first hand knowledge, but one of the guys in my group says that it balances out because the foes are typically much tougher. Plus, the swarm mechanic for dealing with Hordes. Still, he says it is pretty empowering.

@ Gyro...yeah, we do the same. I think there is even a post in here somewhere titled something along the lines of Brother(Mac?) Gregor.

CounterFett said...

Link, all the way back from Summer when I first played, just so you don't think I'm a copycat :)