Friday, November 5, 2010

Good Setup For Death Company Weapons?

As all of my friends and readers are aware, a core part of my Mantis Warriors Army is going to be Death Company squads counting as Mantis Religiosa. These are a pretty expensive option in terms of points. The question is, what is a good way to set these guys up for the typical enemies I am going to face. I have already figured out for myself that shooting is not what they are going to be doing a lot of. I am trying to decide if they need to be using jump packs (I have read that is the best way to keep them from being led around by the nose), and what weapon loadout to give them. I am partial to thunder hammers, plus I think this will help them if they have to assault a vehicle. For the same reason, I think infernus pistols are a go. Ideally, I would give them flamer pistols for smashing through tarpit units, but I am ready to accept that my opponent will not play by my gameplan, and want to equip them accordingly. Also, I think they are going to be pretty hot at assault however I set them up, so setting them up to crack transports might give them a little more flexibility.

Please help me out, this is a new type of army for me. I especially am hopeful that someone who has run some Death Company will weigh in. How successful are they? Will I really just have them chasing empty transports all game?

Thanks for reading!

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sonsoftaurus said...

My thoughts on them is that they're something you can point at something away from your main force and let 'em rip. Not much point in keeping them with the main force as they already get the Sang Priest benefits without having to be near one. I'd outfit them to be able to handle anything but not overload them - so a TH/PF or two and a little to clear hordes (aside from many CC attacks) would probably be enough. Agree that packs would generally be the way to go.