Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great Things About Ogryn!

Well, first off, sorry about the multiple posts yesterday, seems I did not have that whole 'scheduled posting' as figured out as I thought I did. Until it starts working properly, what I am going to do is 'Save' my posts, rather than schedule them, and just manually post them. I was aggravated enough last night to just leave the post up, rather than fixing it with something else so that people didn't get the error message. Sorry about that. Hopefully this will only be a short term fix, since I really prefer to do several posts at once, and just have them automatically come up while I am at work.

But anyway, sorry for all that, on with Ogryn!

As I said in my post yesterday, I was inspired originally by Sonsoftaurus' Ogres to Ogryn conversions for his traitor guard army "The Scythiak Usurpation." But there is more to the story than that. My very first purchase of miniatures in the current era was a batch of Ork Boyz. I equipped them with pistols and choppas, which means I had a lot of primitive looking machine gun type parts left over. I have been determinedly looking for some way to use all those extra parts for some time. Oooh! I know, Ogryn!

I do have the Imperial Guard Codex, but since I am quite unfamiliar with it, I am thinking of having them count as something else. Therein lies the rub. I need to come up with something that is not only a good fit with my theme, but is able to be modeled by Ogres. One idea I had come up with was an all terminator Logan-wing. Should be easy enough to model, but I am not sure even my long-suffering gaming group would let that fly.

Since I currently have two army projects running, this is likely to be a while off in the future. As such, I at least have time to think. We'll see what I come up with.


sonsoftaurus said...

If you armor them up, I think running them as Termies would actually look pretty cool! My friends and I have long joked about various abhumans getting their own Space Marine chapters, and the thought of Ogryn in power armor was always appealing.

Using a bunch in IG also has the "advantage" of taking up a lot of points, meaning there's less other stuff to buy and paint. ;-)

When I was originally thinking of the Scythiak, it was a toss-up between using the IG codex or the Ork one. If I had gone with Orks, then the regular dudes would have been tough hombre humans, with the Ogryn serving as Nobs.

Good luck, look forward to seeing yours come together!

CounterFett said...

I was thinking of doing what you did, basically, the Bulls box plus an Ironguts box to look more heavily armored, plus lead belchers for counts as assault cannons or cyclones (have not decided which, though I lean towards missiles).

Not only would they look cool, they would be Rock 'Ard! Which is the way we all wanted our Ogryn to play.

sonsoftaurus said...

"Ogryn Grimnar" would be fun to see, leading the "Ogrynwing". :-)

CounterFett said...

Hehehe...more to come on that front. I was thinking Lurg Grimtoof or something like that.

There is going to be a little Ork influence, a little Space Wolves influence, because of the mix of styles, but I am hoping it comes out with a nice Ogryny mashup.