Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halo MegaBloks Hero Assortment Wave 2 In Stores!

Wanted to let all of you folks out there who care about such things know that the WalMart here in Tracy has wave two of the blind pack Hero Assortment of minifigs. There are eight figures in total. My wonderful wife bought eleven total, and managed to get all eight in one fell swoop. Now keep in mind two things:
  1. These pictures were taken with my wife's camera, which does not have Macro mode.
  2. We switched the weapons around a bit based on what guns she wanted. So don't get your heart set on any particular combination you see there. It might be wrong.
Here we have Blue Flamethrower, Pink Hayabusa, Purple Brute, and Orange Elite (Pilot)
And here we have Purple Spartan, Active Camo Flamethrower, Red Spartan, and Green UNSC Marine

This assortment is neat because it involves a mix of weapons that are less common, and one that has never been done before (the Brute Spiker). You tend to get the less common weapons with the more common figs. For instance, the common Purple Brute comes with the never before seen Brute Spiker. The common Beam Rifle comes with the harder to get (only one set) Elite Pilot.

I am pretty sure these were not supposed to be out on sales floors until Black Friday, so keep your eyes open if you want to score some early HaloBloks!


Loquacious said...

We saw some cool Halo Lego deals at Meijer the other day. TheDude was trying to convince me he wanted to buy them for TheBoy, but I know they were for him.

We've decided to buy FallOut NewVegas for TheBoy for Christmas... I hope he likes it.

CounterFett said...

New Vegas is pretty terrific. I've played through it now, and it's worth it!