Thursday, November 4, 2010

Minutiae: The Excitement Of Attainable Projects

So, big day on the hobby front here at All Things Fett, though sadly, not much in the way of illustrations for said projects. However, there were a few things I had done that I had been talking about, so I'll give you all a bit of an update.

Things I got Done:
  1. Picked up some cleaner to strip the paint off of my Assault Terminators. I want to get these going as they are going to be the first attempt at the Tranquility Campaign camouflage the army will be sporting. Simple Green was impossible to find for some reason, but I got what I think will be a good enough substitute. Looks like the same stuff to me, anyway.
  2. Got a very nice golden, orangey, taupey can of paint to basecoat said terminators. I think it's about perfect for my needs. I will find something slightly lighter to highlight, and get some Gryphonne Sepia for a wash and call it a day. Now I just have to worry about how to paint on the detail...
  3. The second part of my order came for me today at work. This is big! I now have 40 more Halo miniatures, albeit an unknown assortment. I am going to open the packages and see what I got this evening, and should have them posted up by morning time.
Stay Tuned Folks! The next few days of projects should be pretty interesting!


sonsoftaurus said...

Only place I've been able to find Simple Green at around here has been at Target, in the auto section, near the turtle wax and such.

Loquacious said...

It's often called or labeled as MEAN GREEN around here- works the same and is cheap, too.